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Coping During Quarantine?

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

We can agree that COVID19 is a lot!

How is everyone dealing, and what are you doing to cope?

That’s what Sybil Wilkes (of the former Tom Joyner Morning Show) wanted to know too for the podcast, “From Ha Ha’s to Aha’s,” featuring Sybil Wilkes and Stephen Hill.

A part of the Reach Media family, Sybil Wilkes, is known as “one of the most trusted voices in the African-American community.” From Ha Ha’s to Aha’s tackles issues in the community and empowers you to stay informed on news and current events.

This week the podcast focused on “mental health” and ways to cope during the quarantine.

Can you imagine my excitement when the show’s Executive Producer called and invited me to contribute to the podcast session! As a MSW candidate with background in media, this was a dream opportunity!

For the segment, I offered insight from a social work and community engagement perspective on the following:

  • What trends, anxiety or concerns are we seeing in our community during this pandemic?

  • How are people coping with social distancing?

  • What are the best ways to cope?

Take a listen!

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